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Abasco Trading Pty Ltd

Company Name: Abasco Trading Pty Ltd
Country: Australia
Adress: Unit 4/7-17 Geddes St Mulgrave Vic 3170 -Melbourne
Company Profile
Abasco is a major importer of abrasive material for the wholesale and retail Australian market. We have been supplying the market place for more than 20 years. Our abrasive materials are used in a wide range of applications including blasting, anti-slip flooring, lapping, coatings, cement hardening, steel making, fluidising beds etc. Our Abasco brand is imported into Australia under International Standard ISO8486(1996) from a leading manufacturer in China holding a quality certificate GB/T 2481-1 (1998). The following material is imported in one tonne lots and is available in any quantity from 25kgs to container loads. Abasco specialises in container loads up to 22 metric tonnes. Fused Brown Aluminium Oxide (High Quality Tilting Furnace Material) Fused White Aluminium Oxide Black Silicon Carbide Green Silicon Carbide Garnet Reframil 47 Chamotte Abasco also sells Zircon Sand 100# and Zircon Flour 200#, which is an Australian product. We carry stocks in a variety of grit sizes in our stores in Melbourne and Sydney. Our products can be supplied to any Australian state, and overseas if required. Material Safety Data Sheets and Analysis Certificates are available for all our products. All our material is safe under current Workcare legislation.